Since the ePulse2 Armband Heart Rate Monitor does not require an ungainly chest strap and special watch, it can be conveniently used for general fitness, during aerobics, running, tennis/racquetball, golf, resistance training, weight loss monitoring, or even daily activities. Choose a section from the right hand menu to learn more about how monitoring using the ePulse2 can help you!

Running & Walking
ePulse2 does not require a chest strap monitor or special watch to provide you with feedback during your run or walk. It is lightweight, keeps your hands free, and its full color display is easy to read. Track your target heart rate, set up your own targets, or use it to give you dynamic feedback on the calories you burn during your run or walk.
Aerobic Activity (running, biking, aerobic dance, kickboxing, treadmill, stair climber, stationary bike, walking) exercises your heart, lungs and circulatory system to process oxygen more efficiently. It also burns fat and increases metabolism. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that to achieve maximum aerobic exercise benefit you elevate your heart rate to 60-90% of its maximum.
Weights & Resistance Training
Resistance Training Exercises such as calisthenics, weightlifting or any activity that makes you flex muscles repeatedly makes the body burn more calories, improves bone density, builds muscle and reduces body fat. During weight training, the ePulse2 feedback permits you to monitor your heart rate between repetitions.
Fitness & Calorie Counting
With the Daily Exercise Calories and Total Daily Calories functions of the ePulse2 you now have a means to estimate your caloric burn. This information can be compared to your caloric intake to support a weight monitoring or weight loss program.