Impact Sports Technologies is the World Leader in Optical Heart Monitoring Applications  for Fitness and Health


First To Invent Motion Resistant Strapless Heart Rate Monitor:  Impact Sports Technologies ( was founded to bring advanced technologies to the sports and fitness markets. Our engineers and scientists were the first to capturing a stable motion resistant heart rate from an armband monitor by using pulse oximetry techniques, sophisticated signal processing and state-of-the-art microprocessor technology. This technology is employed in our ePulse line of fitness monitors, in EA Sports Active 2 and NFL Training Camp Games.


Leader In The Wearables Revolution Powering Microsoft Band:    Impact Sports Heart Rate Technology and activity tracking accelerometer algorithms are featured in the game changing Microsoft Band.


Accelerometer Based Activity Tracking:  Industry leading Impact Sports developed activity tracking, pedometry and exercise/activity identification algorithms are featured in Microsoft Band.  


Cutting Edge Initiatives in Wearable Health: Impact Sports has concluded clinical testing on methods to provide event detection of heart arrhythmias, Perhipheral Vascular Disease and sleep apnea using its technology and will be integrating this into the next generation of wearable devices in 2015.

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